About Martha Alderson, M.A. AKA the Plot Whisperer

Martha Alderson dedicates herself to teaching the structure of plot and has helped thousands of novelists, memoirists, and creative non-fiction writers master this elusive craft. The most difficult part of the writing process is the inability to see the forest for the trees. Martha, an educational expert and award-winning novelist, pushes aside the words for writers to see the "whole" of the overall story.

Seven years ago, Martha introduced two innovative plot tools — the Scene Tracker and Plot Planner — for writers interested in creating a visual representation of the layers of their stories and anticipate their characters’ every move with moment-by-moment dramatic action with meaning. By effectively demonstrating the relationship between how a character's back-story affects the choices they make in the front story and plot and scene and explaining the art of story design, Martha offers writers proven techniques for creating more focused and balanced and complex plotlines.

Benefit to Writers:

  • Proven system for mastering the craft of plot.
  • The Scene Tracker and Plot Planner techniques work immediately.
  • The flexibility of individualized plan for your individual story; fully adaptable to your own pace and ability level.