Two-Hour Plot Consultations

Plot consultations focus exclusively on the master plot which is made up of the action, character and thematic plot lines or, in other words, the form and structure of your work. Because of that, Martha does not need to see your writing itself. All you bring to the phone session is a list of scenes from your project and an idea of the message you are hoping your story will convey.

A few days before the phone consultation, you are given the link to a secret page on the website for all the details needed for a successful plot consultation.

During the phone session(s), you briefly describe each scene. As Martha take notes, she asks probing questions designed to assist you in digging deeper into the character, action and theme of your story. Since most writers are better developing one aspect of their story over another, her questions and probing are intended to lead you to a better understanding of what is missing in your project and how to go about deepening and expanding your writing. She does not give advice, but works as a guide to help you develop the plotlines of your story and achieve more depth and meaning in the scenes you have already created.

Typically, the first session involves the scenes of the project focusing primarily on the Dramatic Action plot line. If there is time, you will have an opportunity to consider the Character Emotional Development plot line and touch on the Thematic Significance plot line. For more in-depth work, addition consultation time may be in order.

Price for a TWO-HOUR PLOT CONSULTATION is $280. You will begin the Dramatic Action plot line of your project and, if time allows, consider the Character Emotional Development and Thematic Significance plotlines as well.

For an addition $200.00, you receive notes from the Plot Consultation with tips and comments and sent to you via email, usually the next morning (Pacific time).

Once the action plotline is firmly in place, you can choose to continue by paying $140 per hour to work in one or more hour increments (or $240 per hour with notes). This is the time we delve more deeply into the character emotional development and, as time allows, work in the thematic significance of your project.

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