Writers spend most of their time working on the word and scene level of their writing projects.

Martha Alderson is the Plot Whisperer and a plot consultant for writers. Her strength lies in her ability to support writers in moving away from the word level to view your novel, memoir or screenplay as a whole. Concentrate on the overall affect of your piece, focusing first on the dramatic action plot, next on the character emotional development for the protagonist and major viewpoint characters, and lastly on the thematic (and when applicable, the historical, romance, and/or mystery) plot structure(s) to write fiction, short stories, creative non-fiction, screenplays, plays and/or memoirs. Minus the luster of words and phrases is the structure or form of your expression. Mysteries and depth are hiding in your stories right now. It is in the interlocking plotlines that they reveal themselves.

Plot consultations focus exclusively on the master plot which is made up of the action, character and thematic plot lines or, in other words, the form and structure of your work. Bring to the call a list of your scenes or ideas and an idea of what you hope your story leaves with the reader (thematic plot development). Leave behind the individual words, for now.

Domestic plot consultations in the United States conducted over the telephone.
International calls via Skype.
Speak one-on-one with Martha from where ever you are.