Mystery Writers

Mystery writers have an advantage 
over mainstream writers. 
Conflict, tension, suspense, and curiosity are 
inherent in the genre.

Writing mystery has another advantage. 
The overall story goal is a given = to solve the mystery. 
Classic character-driven writers are often 
"spoken to by the muse" through the 
character development. 
These writers often struggle with creating 
concrete goals for the character. 
Goal setting for classic 
action-driven writers, on the other hand, is often a breeze.

All mystery writers have one thing in common. 
They write to solve a mystery.

Mysteries have at least three elements:

  1. A mystery -- something to solve. The mystery provides dramatic action.
  2. A culprit, human or otherwise, who acts as a major antagonist.
  3. A protagonist who is out to solve the mystery.

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To read about how two different mystery writers deal with plot, check out the plot interviews with mystery writers Terri Thayer and Penny Warner.

Terri's Stamped Out is the first in the Stamping Sisters mystery series. Stamped Out received a starred review in Publisher’s Weekly AND 4 Stars! from the Romantic Times magazine, which also reviews mysteries.

I had the great honor of working with Terri in the book's early development.

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