Blockbuster Plots for Writers strives to be a one stop resource for all your plotting needs. Whether you are a screenwriter, memoirist, novelist, short story writer, or a writer for young adults or children, you will find straight-forward techniques guaranteed to deepen the plot and structure of your work in progress.

You’ve likely heard the writer’s mantra: “Show, don’t tell.”

In order to "show" plot, Blockbuster Plots utilizes two plot templates:

Each of these plot tools support writing plot as a layering of:

  • Dramatic Action
  • Character Emotional Development (transformation)
  • Thematic Significance

The Scene Tracker and the Plot Planner help you track your plot lines so you can "see" how they work at both the overall story and within each of your scenes for the greatest good of the story itself.

Use the Resources pages for a more indepth definition of plot at what is plot?, a special section devoted to the specific plot parameters for whatever your writing project, help in determining what kind of writer you are (you may be surprised to learn the answer), to read about how other writers craft their best-selling manuscripts, locate writing contests and opportunities where you can submit your writing for publication, and explore great links to other writing resources.

Blockbuster Plots hosts workshops for groups of writers throughout the year with A Path to Publishing and Writer Path Writing Retreat.

  • Plot from Beginning to End Workshops and Plot Workshops to develop your Concept, Logline & Pitch as well as revision workshops and more offered by Literary Agent Jill Corcoran and Martha Alderson the Plot Whisperer at A Path to Publishing.
  • Deepen your plot and rejuvinate your writer's spirit, join Jordan Rosenfeld, author of Make a Scene, and Martha Alderson the Plot Whisperer at an upcoming Writer Path Writing Retreat. Be the first to apply NEW material from their forthcoming book from Writer's Digest, Deep Scenes: Plotting Your Story, Scene-by-Scene Through Action, Emotion & Theme.

  • To learn about participating in a workshop, check out the Plot Workshops for more details and the schedule of both live and online workshops.

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