Blockbuster Plots - Pure and Simple


Are You Confused About Plot?

You are not alone! Blockbuster Plots - Pure and Simple presents step-by-step strategies that demystify the structure of story. Want to maximize your scenes and provide depth to your stories? This is the book for you.

Whether you write novels, memoirs, short stories or creative non-fiction, you will benefit from a visual represenation of the scenes and plot of your project. Track the 7 most important elements of a scene on a Scene Tracker. Use the Plot Planner to develop a multi-layered plotline for your individual project.

By analyzing scenes written by classic and contemporary writers such as Twain, McCarthy, London, Fitch, Chopin, and Letts, you will discover how easy it is to:


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  • Pre-plot
  • Link scenes through Cause and Effect
  • Determine which scenes are flat and why
  • Set up tension, conflict and suspense
  • Develop complex characters
  • Establish compelling action
  • Re-vision your rewrites
  • Clarify your theme
  • Deepen and expand your narrative

If you are having difficulty seeing where your story is headed, or if ideas are rolling around in your head but you are having trouble getting started, or if your book has been rejected time and time again, you most likely need help with plot. This is the book for you.


Praise for Blockbuster Plots - Pure and Simple

"This book will change the way you approach writing! Martha Alderson's Scene Tracker and Plot Planner tools have helped hundreds of workshop and conference attendees hone their skills, and now you can learn how to take the fear out of plotting even if you can't attend one of her workshops. If you only buy one writing book this year, buy Blockbuster Plots!"

- Melanie Rigney, former Writer's Digest editor


"Your book, Martha, on plotting has been and is so helpful. It taught and now reminds me that there are always two levels to a plot. The first level is that of action, basically what my protagonist does in the face of her or his dilemma and what her or his actions beget--i.e. causality. One thing happens, the character responds externally, another thing happens, and so forth."

-Anjuelle Floyd


"Confused about the basics of building a plot in a story? Martha Alderson's focus on how to produce a superior one applies to novels, memoirs and nonfiction alike, using scenes by contemporary writers from Twain to London to show how to create logical and substantial plots. Visual representation of scenes is the focus of a step-by-step workbook packed with tips on everything from character development and depth of story line to action and theme clarification. Any writer seeking to produce not just acceptable but superior works must have this guide."

- Midwest Book Review


"An exciting new approach to understanding plot from a writing and educational expert, the unique Scene Tracker and Plot Planner system is guaranteed to help writers master this elusive craft. Blockbuster Plots is unique in the marketplace; no other fiction writing guide offers tools like the Scene Tracker and Plot Planner."

- Adrinda Kelly, aquisition editor McGraw-Hill


"Don't have problems plotting? Think a book on characterization, theme, editing or synopsis might help your writing more? Do yourself a favor and don't dismiss Blockbuster Plots: Pure & Simple on the merits of title alone.

True--the majority of the book focuses on plot, how to go about discovering the one hiding in your story and strengthening crucial details to help it become, well, the blockbuster plot you envision. But throughout the book, Alderson provides more than plotting activities--she also gives lots of insightful writing advice that help you think of ways to improve your story in different, dynamic ways.

If plots aren't your cup of tea, or maybe if they are but you're willing to look at another interpretation of how to get more mileage from them for your story, Blockbuster Plots is an excellent place to start."

- Beth Morrow